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DISTRICT OF CREATIVE WEALTH, hereinafter known as (DOCW), is a savings group, which can be accessed by virtual or online platforms.

DOCW, is comprised of individuals hereinafter known as (Members), who save together and accept financial transactions, from
the savings of the total membership on first come, first serve terms.

Virtual: Interaction with all members, which do not take place face to face or in an in-person
physical environment, through a computer and/or other devices.

Online: Reaching people through computers/networks via the Internet/Wi-Fi and/or other
 means and devices in order to circumvent in-person interactions.

Reasons To Join DOCW

      • To build generational wealth amongst family and friends
      • To become a part of a growing network of like-minded people on a mission to improve their way of life.
      • To learn more about financial opportunities and take advantage of knowledgeable experts who share how to leverage your money.
      • To promote your business amongst a network.
      • Add another source of residual income.

DOCW provides its members:
1.        The opportunity to save frequently in small and/or large amounts as designated by platform;
2.        Management and operations by a Board of Directors along with members consent only;
3.        Options for financial self-sufficiency and for continued independence as a group, to create other avenues to maintain prosperity no matter what the status of the economy.
4.        Platforms, representing a legitimate entity along with maintained books and records of all financial transactions.

Financial Self-Sufficiency: The ability to maintain ones self without outside aid and/or influence.
DOCW - The Community that serves the Community.
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