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Welcome to Life Support Professional

Who / What is “The Chubb Group”?
"The Chubb Group" -  www.thechubbgroup.com

Who / What is “Life Support Pro”?
"Life Support Professional" -  www.lifesupport.pro

Help us help others
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Brief Summary: The Chubb Group

The Chubb Group consists of Recording Studios, TV Studios, TV Shows, Video Studios, Record Labels, a Publishing Company, a Management Group, Booking Agencies, a Media Company, Professional Dancers, Models, DJ's, Artists, Musicians, Bands, Photographers, Fashion Networks, Life Support Pro., and Etc....

Life Support Pro is a subsidary of The Chubb Group.

Keeping it simple. The focus of Life Support Pro, is helping others.

What are we looking for? (Any of the following, or all of the following.)
·         Sponsors willing to help us offset expenses while providing valuable services.
·         Sponsors with promotional items that can be raffled off, or given away etc., at events.
·         Sponsors that will allow us to use their locations for events, etc.
·         Sponsors that will donate equipment for use in our facilities, or events.
·         Sponsors that can help us reach a wider audience.
·         Sponsors that can help us with transportation.
·         Sponsors that can help us with uniforms, and clothing.
·         Sponsors that will provide necessary items assisting us in our efforts to provide, and create opportunities for aspiring entertainers, and professionals around the world.
·         Sponsors with ideas on how they can be of help.
What has “The Chubb Group” done?
The Chubb Group has single handedly sponsored the careers of many aspiring entertainers, amateur and professional since 2010 to Date with positive results.

We have:
·         Coached aspiring Entertainers, Amateur and Professional.
·         Created performance opportunities.
·         Helped - sponsored singing, music, and dance lessons.
·         Helped Artists get their careers started.
·         Helped - sponsored demo’s, and all facets of the music production process.
·         Helped with and sponsored videos.
·         Sponsored photo sessions.
·         Provided a clean, and professional workspace.
·         Purchased necessary equipment. (keeping things up to date.)
·         Provided a platform for Artists, Dancers, Models, Professional, and Etc. to work, build their career, and be seen worldwide.
·         Provided intern work opportunities.
·         Helped with paperwork.
·         Helped with publishing opportunities and record deals.
·         Helped with song writing.
·         Helped with career guidance.
·         Given jobs to those that qualified after their time as an intern was complete.
·         Etc.…

What can / will the Sponsor(s) receive?
·         Various advertising and, or marketing opportunities, ranging from web links, ads on flyers, music video placement(s), on the Internet and TV, a stand at events, etc.
·         A link, or webpage, as a partner on our website. www.thechubbgroup.com
·         A link, or webpage, as a sponsor on our website. www.thechubbgroup.com
·         Free entry – Vip access.
·         A receipt for your sponsorship.
·         If you have a need, or idea on what we can do for you in return, please let us know. We are open to new ideas.

*Note: All agreements must be done in writing

09.09.2016 - We are now asking for your help. We would like to create more opportunities, and present fresh Talent to the world while giving sponsors the opportunity to take part in the journey. Our goal is to constantly improve and expand with helping hands.

We are also looking forward to feeding, clothing, offering shelter to, and quenching the thirst of those in need.

Help us open more doors, and continually better the opportunities for aspiring entertainers, and professionals around the world.

Help us help those in need.

Let’s entertain the world, and offer door opening opportunities while making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Thank you,
Dominicon Chubb

Donations are also welcome.
There is no specific amount set. You are free to Donate any amount you choose.
We appreciate your support.

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