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Chubb Records
Because Different is Beautiful
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MiKaEl ArcAngeli
 1. MiKaEl ArcAngeli - Kundalini Piano Suite 4 Hands
Chubb Records is home to an array of various artists. We truly believe that different is beautiful.
Our key focus is artist development. We are currently not looking to add new artists to our ranks at this time.
Respectfully, we will listen to your demo's and review your submitted material.
Exception: If we hear something we like we will contact you for further communication. If you are in a rush, and want to be famous tomorrow, you might want to look further.
We do appreciate every submitted demo.
Thank you.
* Our pages are currently under construction. We will update our pages regularly and add more of our artists and content for you to enjoy.

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Chubb Records
 Different is Beautiful
Zehntstrasse 8, 68169 Mannheim
Business Hours:
Appointments Only

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