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" The Ultimate Service Group. "
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What has “The Chubb Group” done?
The Chubb Group has single handedly sponsored the careers of many aspiring entertainers, amateur and professional since 2010 to Date with positive results.

We have:
  • Coached aspiring Entertainers, Amateur and Professional.
  • Created performance opportunities.
  • Helped - sponsored singing, music, and dance lessons.
  • Helped Artists get their careers started.
  • Helped - sponsored demo’s, and all facets of the music production process.
  • Helped with and sponsored videos.
  • Sponsored photo sessions.
  • Provided a clean, and professional workspace.
  • Purchased necessary equipment. (keeping things up to date.)
  • Provided a platform for Artists, Dancers, Models, Professional, and Etc. to work, build their career, and be seen worldwide.
  • Provided intern work opportunities.
  • Helped with paperwork.
  • Helped with publishing opportunities and record deals.
  • Helped with song writing.
  • Helped with career guidance.
  • Given jobs to those that qualified after their time as an intern was complete.
  • Etc.…

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